Shipping delays

Shipping delays

Over the last two months, some of our website customers have experienced longer-than-normal wait times when receiving their shotgun order.

To be transparent, we wanted to share what's causing the delays.

The list below explains the delays, but doesn't excuse them. To everyone who has waited for their shotgun order, thanks for your patience. 

Shipping delays:

Covid-19: Due to the coronavirus, our factory was forced to close for 3 weeks. This was compounded by the Chinese New Year holiday, and set us back in terms of our production schedule.

Freight changes: The reduced freight capacity caused by coronavirus has resulted in many ocean freight sailings being cancelled or missed, which has further slowed time to get stock into market.

Growing demand: Over the last 3 months, there's been a significant increase in the number of families riding together – and in some countries, riding a bike is one of the only activities allowed. As a result, sales are 3-4 times their normal volume – which has made it challenging to produce enough stock to satisfy the demand. 

Amazon logistics: Up until recently, we have used Amazon logistics to fulfil our website orders. However in April, Amazon prioritised the sending of essential goods – which meant at times we've been unable to send stock into Amazon in order to fulfil web orders. We have now setup new logistics providers so that we no longer rely on Amazon for the dispatch of our web-orders

We're doing our best

We're pleased to have now caught up with production and resolved the majority of the issues listed above, and we're super grateful to our customers who have been patient with us during this crazy time.

If you have any questions about the delays or want to know more, please contact us.

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