Review Hub Feature

Review Hub Feature

We're pleased to have received our first review, all thanks to Andrew Quinlan from ReviewHub who has test ridden the Shotgun seat. Read Andrew's review below.

"I have had the pleasure of testing one of the first Shotgun - Kids Mtb seats designed and created in my home town, Tauranga, New Zealand.

I'd previously looked at seats for kids (my boy is almost 3yrs old) but nothing would accommodate a steep top tube angle as found on any bike nowadays that isn't just cross country or road .. I was totally stoked when my apprentice tagged me in a post on facebook looking for test riders.

Shotgun seat review hub article

After a quick phone call, I realised I'd been introduced to the inventor about a year ago through a mutual friend (New Zealand is a small place!) and I was on the list to receive one of the prototypes...

The assembly is a piece of cake, and requires very little effort .. as I mentioned before my Kona Process has a steep top tube angle and you can see from the photos this isn't an issue .. the foot pegs also leave a lot of clearance for the front wheel while also being at a good height for my son.

Thought has gone into the design, there is rubber on the inside of the legs and everywhere it needs to be tightened, there is ample deviation that you can pull it in snug without having to go extreme.

I've had a couple of rides around my neighbour hood and the little guy loves it! It's easy to keep control of him in between my body and the bars, and with this position it's easy to lift him on and off also.

If your interested or would like to purchase a Shotgun Kids Mtb Seat, head over to, and don't forget to mention you saw it on"

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